Residential Services

New Construction

From additions to your current home to the new home you’re having built, we’re experts in designing and installing entire electrical systems for your house.


If you are looking into remodeling your home to bring it up to today’s standards, please give us a call and we will help you through the electrical and lighting design to meet your specific needs.


Faulty electrical systems are dangerous. We can fix switches, outlets and lighting. In addition, we can troubleshoot your system, and locate where short problems are occurring.

Installation of New Indoor Wiring

We can add additional switches and outlets, install new circuits, set up new wiring for an entertainment center.

Installation of New Lighting

Whether you are looking into replacing that old light fixture with a new one or needing help on designing a new lighting plan for your home, we can take care of all your needs.

We install new recessed lighting, under cabinet lighting, and special purpose hockey puck lighting for all your lighting needs.

Installation of New Outdoor Wiring

Whether you need decorative garden lighting, or increased security, we can take care of all your outdoor electrical needs, including the installation of underground wiring.

Power Upgrade

If your house is still working with fuses, or if your circuit breakers keep tripping, we can install a more robust system, with a new breaker panel and overload protection.

Installation of Electrical Appliances

We can install everything from ceiling to attic fans, from hot tubs to back-up generators.

Emergency Services and Estimates

In the event that your equipment needs servicing, you have peace of mind knowing we offer 24 hour 7 days a week emergency services and free estimates on new installations.

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